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Sunny Hills


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur!

Hi! I’m Sunny Hills, from Maui, Hawaii.

After working for years before, during and after college, as an employee, I finally decided enough was enough, and that the only way to take control of my destiny was to start my own business in 1987.

I’m guessing it was the same, or similar, for you!

Success came slowly at first, but by 1994 I started my first corporation = Pro Sound & Video Corp, in Eugene, Oregon.

By 1999, I sold the operating assets and was able to retire and move to Maui at age 47, to begin living the life of my dreams, debt-free, no mortgage, and living in a beach front condo in paradise. I renamed the corporation Bizbuild.com, Inc. and decided to become a consultant, to help others achieve their goals, so they, too, could live the life of their dreams.

I now teach online marketing for Perry Marshall & Associates and have developed my own base of a few selected clients, for whom I manage their Google AdWords advertising accounts.

I’ve helped others leave their jobs and become multi-millionaires online, and I love working with my current clients, some of whom earn more than a million dollars a year online.

My practice is full, but I do accept applications for my waiting list on the contact page of SaveYourAds.com

Feel free to visit that site and sign up, in case I have an opening at some point in the future.

Otherwise, feel free to visit the  Products Page  of this site, and invest in some of my mentor’s products, which I highly endorse and recommend.

Wishing You All the Best, for Total Success in All You Do!


Sunny Hills




Sunny Hills 
Bizbuild.com, Inc.
Maui, Hawaii


The BizBuild Timeline

  • Bizbuild.com, Inc., was founded February 1st, 1994.
  • President is “Sunny” Steve Hills, Maui, Hawaii
  • Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 1093, 
Lahaina, Hawaii 96767
  • “Sunny” Stephen N. Hills is a 1978 Graduate of St. John’s College, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • He did post-graduate work as a Graduate Teaching Fellow in Broadcasting at the University of Oregon, while pursuing a Masters Degree in Journalism
  • He went on to work at numerous Oregon Radio Stations as a Program Director, Music Director, Production Director and on-air Talent in a variety of radio programming genres.
  • In 1987, he quit working for others and became an entrepreneur, by starting Sound Investments, which was a sound & video installation company in Eugene, Oregon.
  • He opened his first retail store in 1991, the same year he married Vicky Hills.
  • He grew that store and moved it to a much larger location in 1994, and incorporated the business.
  • In 1999, “Sunny” & Vicky sold the business and “retired” to live on the island of Maui, in Hawaii, USA.
  • Sunny became a certified Life Coach and Business coach, CPCC, in 2002
  • He created and sold positive thinking CDs on his website SunnyThoughts.com and on Amazon.com
  • He taught marketing, and became the trainer for all new licensees for CJ Hayden, author of “Get Clients Now”
  • He then attained a similar position with Perry Marshall & Associates, teaching Perry’s Advanced Google AdWords Programs with Perry Marshall & Bryan Todd, and still teaches those programs, when offered today.
  • He also manages Google AdWords client accounts for several entrepreneurs world wide, via his other website SaveYourAds.com