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Perry Marshall About Sunny Hills…

A few years ago I visited the senior AdWords management team at Google in Mountain View California, and they asked me: “So how do you guys know how our system works, do you read all our online tutorials and watch the videos?”

“Um no, not really.”

She says, “So how do you know the information you’re sharing is accurate?”

“Oh believe me, if it’s wrong, my customers will tell me, FAST.”

She looks at me like I’m from Mars. (And yes, I can certainly understand why she’s puzzled by this answer.)

I say, “The way we figure out how the machine works is we just crawl inside it and play with it. We change things, we try things, we poke it and see if it moves. We watch what happens and after awhile we just develop a FEEL for the organism.”

I’m not sure she was satisfied with my crazy answer, but it was the truth.

It’s one thing to watch piano lessons on YouTube. It’s another thing to just sit down and play songs on the piano.

As I answered her question, I thought of Sunny Hills. At the time he was a student-turned-Google-consultant and he just had this fascination with the Google machine. He would crawl inside that machine and tweak it for hours each day until he knew it inside and out.

Whenever they changed something in their system, he would just know. In fact, for years he was the only guy I ever allowed to touch my own Google campaigns.

Fast forward to yesterday, and I was doing a conference call with Sunny. The title:

“From $6/month to $1000/hour: Making Water Flow Uphill.”

Sunny described how he gets 46,000 ONE CENT CLICKS each month.

And how he gets a 7 cent opt-in email address.

And how he makes $1.00 from every opt-in. That’s a 14:1 ROI.

His website has been running on autopilot for three years, achieving these kinds of numbers. He’s barely touched it in that time. He accomplishes this with nearly ZERO manual labor.

When I called him to invite him to be a coach for AdWords Boot Camp he was on an Alaskan Cruise.

(Must be rough.)

I would like you to listen to this interview with Sunny, about how he makes water flow uphill.

He does not want this information broadcast far and wide so the only way to hear it is streaming on my website. I will be taking this down after Monday night, so you need to listen right away.

This is well worth your time. I think you will find it not only informative but extremely inspirational and encouraging. Yes, the dream of marketing on autopilot is real.

Here’s the link where you can listen:

  • –> If you’re tired of giving Google money and not getting more money back, you need to be in this course.
  • –>If you’re giving Google a lot of money and you know you could be giving them less, you need to be in this course.

It is not optional. Google is not getting any easier and you need personal coaching from someone like Sunny who knows this machine inside and out.

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~Perry Marshall