Google AdWords Consulting With Sunny Hills

Sunny Hill’s Google AdWords Consulting eliminate the underperforming aspects of your company’s Google AdWords campaigns while simultaneously increasing your traffic and lead generation.

There are three phases of his work uniquely designed to carefully orchestrate the results you desire.

Google AdWords

Phase 1: Stop The Bleeding

Most business owners do not seek out professional AdWords consulting until they’ve hit a  wall in their campaign success. Sunny will overhaul your existing campaigns to cut the superfluous keywords, expense and efforts that are not producing results while retaining the same amount of traffic and leads. Once we’ve stopped the bleeding, we can move on to the next phase and start growing your business on a strong foundation.

Phase 2: Continuous Improvement

Once we have created a strong foundation and removed the “dead weight” of your account, we can start building lean muscle by expanding your campaigns, making each ad more effective, and developing new ads to generate new traffic, lower your cost per click and more generate more qualified leads.

Phase 3: Maintain Your Edge

Everything changes. Google regularly reinvests in it’s infrastructure, the economy fluctuates, and your business needs evolve. With regular maintenance your ads will stay strong in the face of adversity, increasing competition and more. Maintain your fair share of your market’s traffic, keep abreast of what’s new with Google and how it affects your ads, without increasing your costs or losing your edge in the marketplace.

Sunny is not current accepting new clients, as his AdWords Account Management Practice Is Absolutely Full… but you can sign up here


**Google AdWords™ advertising service is a trademark of Google Inc.